It’s the phase we hear every day but when you put it into context what does it actually mean? Ignore comes from the Latin word ignōrō which means to not know something, mistake or take no notice of. I just googled that for no reason but I believe it holds some relevance.

We say it to block out all the people who talk just for the sake of talking with no real position or motive other than to reaffirm their biases onto you, telling you what they think and what you should do until it’s done and the “can't be ” turns to “can be”.

I have been the noise many times, as we are all human and have our predisposed biases even when we are ignorant of them. We fear our dreams, not because they are too big or burdensome but because we fear the fact that we might devote countless hours, energy and resources to achieve a goal only to come up short, a mistake. The noise will tell you to stop because they’ve never started and the noise will tell you to quit even when you’re almost done.

The noise never stops and neither should you.